Save up to $64 per night when you add two Adult Full Day passes to your reservation.


We are excited to offer some fantastic Whitewater Ski and Stay deals with discounted full day lift tickets.  Just write ‘Ski+Stay’ in the REQUEST/REMARK box on the website room booking page and you will be given an access code for a discount of $22 per Adult lift pass with confirmation of your booking. You can then use this code to buy your ticket(s) at any point ahead of or during your stay for as many days as you wish to ski.

The benefit of booking a Ski+Stay deal is that you can buy tickets as far in advance as you wish OR on the day, and still get the discount. You CANNOT get this discount on the day at Whitewater if you are not a Ski+Stay guest.

Return your used ski ticket to us at the hotel after your day at the hill for an ADDITIONAL $10 per (Adult/Senior full day only) person rebate!

Please ensure that you have read the important terms and conditions below.

Age ranges are per the Whitewater Resort categories – see HERE.

How does it work?
  • Just write Ski+Stay in the REQUEST/REMARK box (right below your contact information) when you complete the room booking page on this website, or call call us, of course.
  • You will be sent a discount code with your booking confirmation. This will allow you to get the reduced ticket rate at ANY POINT before or during your visit to Nelson. So buy your first ticket in advance and check out the hill, then decide when you are here if you wish to ski the next day(s) and get a further discount on the day. That option is not open to non Ski+Stay customers.
  • Any of our rooms + two Adult, Full Day Whitewater tickets SAVES $44 over the room rate + two regularly priced tickets bought from Whitewater.
  • Returning your used ticket to the Cloudside Hotel (offer not available at other hotels) will get you a further instant $10 cash per Adult/Senior full day ticket rebate – so up to $64 for two adults
  • For rooms with occupancy greater than two people, the discount continues to add up at $22 plus $10 rebate per person…so three adults could save $96, for example.
  • IMPORTANT: the Ski+Stay deal MUST be selected AT THE TIME OF BOOKING. It CANNOT be added to a reservation later.
  • Ticket purchase discounts are available for all age ranges but the Cloudside Hotel Ski+Stay rebate deal only applies to Adult/Senior full day lift tickets.
  • You may buy as many or as few tickets as you wish, as far in advance as you wish, or on the day at the resort. This option is not open to non Ski+Stay customers.
  • In line with Whitewater resort conditions, their Waiver of Liability must be read and acknowledged.
  • Cloudside Hotel is not authorized to sell tickets/reveal the discount code to non-guests.
  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other Cloudside Hotel promotions or offers, including our discounted Best Available Rate.
  • The Whitewater Ski+Stay deals are for DIRECT bookings only. NOT available for guests using third parties such as Expedia or Booking.com.
$10 rebate offer
  • The Cloudside Hotel rebate is offered by the hotel and not offered by Whitewater Resort.
  • $10 per guest per day rebates will be in cash in Canadian dollars for Adult/Senior full day used tickets only.
  • As per the Whitewater discount code, the rebate is part of the Ski+Stay package, MUST be requested at the time of booking and cannot be offered after the time of booking.

Ski+Save deals now available!